What is the difference between regular root touch up and express root touch up?

Regular root touch up is done by a professional, regular hair colour that processes for 35 to 45min. Express root touch up is done by a professional, fast processing hair colour that processes for only 15min. This is thanks to new and innovative approach to hair colour technology with micro pigment concentration.

Is the colour good for me since it’s fast processing?

It is actually better for you because it sits on your scalp for only 15min as supposed to 45min with a regular hair colour.

Does the colour last and does it cover grey?

The colour is permanent therefore it does not come out. It covers grey 100%.

Why do we get grey hair and why is it resistant to hair colour?

Our body stops producing amino acid called Tyrosine. Tyrosine is responsible for coloration of pigment – it creates the colour of melanin. Our body still keeps producing cells which are delivered to the base of follicle and then it converts those cells to extra cuticle.  Regular hair has 7-10 layers of cuticle. Grey hair has 14-18 layers of cuticle therefore it is harder for the hair colour to penetrate.