Our Purpose

is to revolutionize the hair industry by empowering
our clients to embrace their youth and beauty while
offering them a time and cost-effective experience

We are dedicated to providing a new talent with
opportunities to accelerate their careers and excel
in the hair industry.


Our Story


In the ever-evolving landscape of personal reinvention and
professional pursuit, my story took an unexpected turn as I embarked on a new journey at the age of 45.

The initial chapter saw me transitioning from a career that failed
to provide the professional independence I craved. Undeterred
by the challenges of starting afresh, I delved into the world of
hair, seeking fulfillment in the field where creativity and entrepreneurship intersect.

The initial years were a tapestry of learning, growth, and
dedication. I enrolled in two hair programs, honed my skills
behind the chair, and diligently worked towards
building a loyal clientele.

Little did I know that this immersive experience would set the
stage for groundbreaking venture.

Owning a hair salon wasn’t initially part of my plan, but destiny
had a different script written for me. A game-changing
revelation came in the form of fast-processing hair color
technology, a revolutionary.....

.....approach that promised professional, fast, and affordable
root touch-ups—the missing link in the hair industry.

Armed with determination and propelled by a newfound vision,
the first seed of innovation sprouted into reality on April 01,
2019, in the bustling city of Vancouver, B.C.

Thus, the Express RÜT Bar was born—a haven where clients
could experience professional root touch-ups completed within
one hour,

The success of our unique concept exceeds expectations,
propelling us towards a new milestone: working diligently
towards franchising in the very near future.

This model is not just about delivering top-notch services but
also about crating an environment where budding talent can
thrive. We believe in cultivating a space where creativity meets
entrepreneurship, ensuring that our success is aired and
celebrated by a diverse community of skilled professionals.

What started as a personal journey has evolved into a flourishing
business, demonstrating that passion, innovation, and inclusivity
can redefine standards in the dynamic landscape of the hair
industry. It’s never too late to make a mark.


Our story is a collective narrative, a
journey that could not have unfolded
without the invaluable contributions
of everyone who has been part of it
since day one

This endeavour stands as a testament
to power of collaboration,
determination, and the unwavering
support of dedicated community.

Marzena Kiernicka
The Visionary

This place is a game changer for busy people. I went for an appointment at 3:00 and was out by 3:40. Five weeks in, my hair looks great. I can't figure out how they do it.

M Ch, Client

The service is incredible. The color quality is great and the entire service (colour, wash, blow dry) can be done in under an hour. I hope she opens other locations.

Erin, Client

This place is a find! Fast and beautifully done colour. Clean and convenient location. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I'll never go anywhere else.

C Wakelin, Client

My roots were out of control. She made recommendations but wasn't pushy. When she finished my hair looked amazing. Not an easy feat as I have extra curly, extra thick hair.

R Edwards, Client

I really love this place. Service is warm and friendly, colour matching is awesome, styling is great all at reasonable prices.

A K, Client

What an amazing concept! So happy to find this place. I've had lots of compliments on my hair. Will definitely be coming back.

A Weinmeister, Client